Successful ozone application in a laundry operation is dependent upon efficient mass transfer of ozone into the water stream and proper reaction/contact time. A well designed ozone system treats incoming water with ozone levels high enough to be effective in cleaning linens while remaining safe for operators.

OzoneSolutions laundry ozone systems are designed to meet unique and custom requirements for laundry applications. OzoneSolutions engineers are experienced at designing specialized components to ensure optimum performance.


UL and NSF listed for safety and performance certification.
Powder coated NEMA 3R compliant enclosures.
On-board ORP controller for automatic shut-down and start-up.
Protection from loss of vacuum, overheating of transformer, and
water backflow.
Variable output (0-100%)
Oxygen prep feed gas system.
Safety interlock on cabinet doors.
All circuits are fused protected.
EPA Establishment 071472-CA-001

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