25 to 50% reduction in total water usage.
90 to 98% reduction in hot-water usage.
Reduced linen replacement budget.
Reduction in man-hours.
Ozone reduces maintenance and protects equipment.
Linens are whiter, softer and smell better.
Reduction in dryer time, temperature and lint.
Ozone destroys bacteria and inactivates viruses and cysts.
Ozone enhances chemical reaction in the wash wheel for superior cleaning.
Conserves natural gas and water.
UL and NSF listed for safety and performance certification.
Improved employee working environment in the laundry room.

Since 1906, the year ozone was first introduced for commercial water purification use in Nice, France, Ozone's oxidation potential, the real power of ozone, has steadily become more efficient, safe, and reliable for a wide variety of industries. From drinking water, commercial/residential pools & spas, aquatic wildlife, industrial, to the food & beverage industries, the acceptance of and technological improvements of ozone systems have steadily increased.

The immediate economic benefits derived from ozone are the reduction or elimination of hot water (natural gas) as well as a significant decrease in overall water consumption during laundry rinses or wash cycles. The power of ozone is best harnessed by clean cold water. In fact, the colder the water, the longer ozone stays in its aqueous solution which allows you, the laundry expert, to realize cleaner washes with a substantial or complete decrease in hot water consumption.

Our engineered ozone systems reduce hot water & natural gas usage to the point that there is a very short Return on Investment for our equipment. Consumbable cost savings coupled with high system reliability means tremendous savings.