OzoneSolutions is a company specializing in the application of expert ozone water purification systems for the On-Premise-Laundry (OPL) industry. The use of ozone technology in the laundry industry has become one of the fastest growing segments in the use of ozone. We provide a method of ozonated laundry water purification that is safe for all who use our systems and for the environment.

OzoneSolutions' ozone laundry washing systems harness the sanitatizing power of ozonated cold water by reducing hot water and overall water consumption in laundry facilities dramatically. With over 10 years of ozone-based laundry experience, we are confident in our laundry ozone washing design, service, and support capabilities. Your company will save significant amounts of money (i.e., hot water savings, overall water reduction, waste water disposal, etc.) with a short return on investment period.

In an ever-growing marketplace, through research and development, OzoneSolutions will continue to innovate and advance laundry ozone technology to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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